01. A little boy at school cut his head when he fell and hit it on a [concrete] tunnel they were playing in.
02. In general, our roads are made from asphalt, and the sidewalks are [concrete].
03. The posts for the playground equipment have to be set in about three feet of [concrete] in order for the structure to be safe.
04. We felt really cold sitting on the [concrete] floor in the garage.
05. The police have as yet no [concrete] evidence linking the suspect to the crime.
06. With small children, it is important to teach arithmetic with [concrete] objects, such as apples, or toys.
07. Averil Coxhead has noted that academic vocabulary tends to be connected to abstract ideas rather than [concrete] ones.
08. The four materials most commonly used in construction of bridges over the ages are wood, stone, iron, and [concrete].
09. A temple built in Tivoli in the first century is one of the earliest surviving examples of [concrete] construction.
10. In the late 19th century, French builder François Coignet constructed the first example of a steel-reinforced [concrete] structure in Paris.
11. In June 2002, Israel began construction of a 25-foot high [concrete] wall at a cost of 2.8 million USD per km and which, when completed, will run over 390 miles inside the West Bank.
12. Unless you have some [concrete] evidence of the problems you think this idea will create, I think we should go ahead with it.
13. During class presentations, you can explain your ideas more [concretely] with a demonstration or display.
14. Desmond Morris once said that the city is not a [concrete] jungle, as it is often described, but a human zoo.
15. Scientists tell us that the human thighbone is as strong as [concrete].
16. The child cut his head quite badly when he fell and banged it on the [concrete] steps leading up to the school door.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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